This page archives essays and conference papers developed in connection with the Classicizing Chicago Project. 

“The Lessons of Cassandra: Classical Learning and the Classical Legacy of Jane Addams and Hull House” (2011)
Judith P. Hallett, Professor, Classics, University of Maryland

“Use and Absence of Neoclassicism in Chicago Funerary Art” (2011)
Molly Kriva, Northwestern University

“‘Perpetually Relevant, Perpetually New’: Mary Zimmerman’s Theatrical Responses to Classical Literature” (2010)
Justine McConnell,  Fellow, Classics, University of Oxford

“The Horace Collection at Northwestern University” (2012)
William H. McHugh, Librarian, Northwestern University Library

“A Classicist Learns the Ropes: Francis Kelsey at Lake Forest University (1880-1889)” (2012)
John Griffiths Pedley, Professor Emeritus, Classical Archaeology and Greek, University of Michigan

“Richard Theodore Greener (1844-1922): The First African American Member of the American Philological Association and Graceland Cemetery” (2012)
Michele Valerie Ronnick, Professor, Classical and Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures, Wayne State University

“Ceres and the Grain Trade: from Sicily and North Africa to Chicago” (2012)
Jessica Wright, Graduate Student, Classics, Princeton University

“From Ancient Rome to Chicago: Mussolini’s Gift of the Balbo Column” (2010)
Amanda Wrigley, Research Fellow, Communication and Media Research Institute, University of Westminster

“A Classicist in the Loop” (2010)
John Wynne, Associate Professor, Classics, Northwestern University